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If love sucks, why am I not turned on?
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Selfie bc I got a haircut a few days ago and I put on makeup today woo

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this could be us but u playin

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Let’s see, let’s see…

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remember when my color palettes were totally cute? yeah i miss it too.

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This is such an important yet underrated scene.

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glamour tips i have read that can also be applied to the loch ness monster:
  • stay hydrated
  • be elusive
  • avoid a harsh flash
  • try to get plenty of exercise
  • play hard to get
  • be aware of lighting
  • elongate the neck
  • eat plenty of fish
  • grow old gracefully
  • keep an air of mystery
  • a true lady reveals nothing
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the cucumber saga

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Did you know that you can make houses out of plastic bottles? By filling them with sand, and molding them together with mud or cement, the walls created are actually bullet proof, fire proof, and will maintain an comfortable indoor temperature of 64 degrees in the summer time.

And it’s not like there is any shortage on used plastic bottles out there. Here are some statistics from

“The United States uses 129.6 Million plastic bottles per day which is 47.3 Billion plastic bottles per year. About 80% of those plastic bottles end up in a landfill!”

To build a two bedroom, 1200 square foot home, it takes about 14,000 bottles.

The United States throws away enough plastic bottles to build 9257 of these 2 bedroom houses per day! That’s just over 3.35 million homes, the same number of homeless people in America.

Many people in third world countries have taken up building homes out of plastic bottles, from Africa to Asia. Perhaps the trend will catch on in America and all of those bottles will stop ending up in the landfills. Wouldn’t they be better off housing the homeless? Kinda like all those empty houses scattered all over the country?

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Barbara’s having a fun day at work today

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i could get this image printed on a dakimakura. nothing is stopping me. its the right dimensions and resolution and size and i have the money. i could literally own a fucked up anime sex pillow but with an image of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. what a time to be alive


never give up on your dreams

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This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name

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It’s 2089. all cops have been replaced by genetically modified dogs that let children pet them, help old ladies cross the street, never eat donuts, bark at cat-callers, pee on white collar criminals, and tear the faces off of rapists. utopia has been reached. 

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